Promising Practices

Overcome division? Yes please! But how?

Apply to share your Promising Practice at the conference!

Each community is different. But the challenges of living together are often similar in different local contexts. The series NOW Promising Practices showcases living examples of how to strengthen inclusive social cohesion in diverse communities.

We understand practices as methods or ways of action which are adaptable to other local contexts. It is not about describing a project but about explaining how municipalities or local civil society actors tackle societal challenges.

As an example, here you can see how the Greek municipality of Chios provides adequate and affordable day care:

The 7th International Mayors’ Conference NOW will explore the topic “Space for Encounter – Overcoming Division”. Therefore, we are looking for practices that bring different people together to counteract division.

For the conference we search for practices falling into one of the following categories:

  • Joint local engagement for the common good
  • Connecting activities & community events
  • Community spaces where diverse people meet
  • Formats overcoming conflicts & division
  • Inclusive youth participation
  • Digital local encounters

Why you should definitely apply:

  • To present your practice on a unique platform
  • To participate in the conference where you not only gain exciting new insights but also have the opportunity to network with mayors, young people, renowned researchers and practitioners, social entrepreneurs and urban planners from the Middle East to Northern Europe
  • To get a high-quality poster and video showcasing your practice in our network and on our media channels
  • To receive free conference participation & coverage of travel and accommodation costs