NOW Working Group Gender Equality

Growing gender roles, responsibilities and relations are shaped by norms and cultural expectations on women/girls and men/boys, which determine access to power, life opportunities and vulnerabilities and are very context dependent. The NOW Working Group Gender Equality identified various gender-oriented themes of concern to work on in the context of flight and migration, such as violence and sexual abuse, but also empowerment of women and girls, sexual pedagogy, rehabilitation of rape victims, prevention of teen marriage, sexual diversity, and new entry points to masculinity.
The NOW Working Group Gender Equality aims to promote “Gender Equality beyond Borders”, and to address and prevent harmful practices against both genders. The focus is a transnational exchange to foster sensitization for gender issues.


The empowerment of the local and refugee communities, awareness raising on gender issues, global exposure of the work done by the experts

Aims to:

Share and exchange approaches and promising practices to tackle gendered vulnerabilities and violation of human rights


Elke Zuckermann, Partner, Act.Now


Brigitte Holzner, Chair, TAMAR – a Counselling Centre for Victims of Sexual Violence


Nergiz Abi, Public Affairs Officer, Kurdistan Regional Government-Iraq (KRG)
Fedaa Alarnaoot, Social Consultation and translator, Queer Base
Feyza Basar Gulersen, President, Alpbach Turkey
Majdoleen Hassan, Human Rights Lawyer
Philip Leeb, Chairman, Poika – Verein für gendersensible Bubenarbeit in Erziehung und Unterricht
Besnik Leka, Young Men Initiative Project Coordinator, CARE International
Christof Moser, Clinical and Health Psychologist, MEN Health Centre
Zoya Rouhana, Founder and Director, Kafa
Laura Schoch, Coordinator, Österreichische Kinderfreunde

Meetings up to now

1 Meeting: 29 – 30 June 2017 in Vienna
2 Meeting: 27 – 28 September 2017 in Vienna
3 Meeting: 22 – 23 June 2018 in Mannswörth/Austria