NOW Mayors’ Network

From the very beginning, Act.Now has emphasised the important role of Mayors of cities or communities to foster social cohesion as well as societal and economical welfare. As politicians, heads of municipal administrations and stakeholders for public and private interests, Mayors are responsible for all residents living in their municipal districts. Mayors from different countries in Europe, the Balkan region as well as the MENAT region are part of a network which was established and developed during the NOW Conferences starting in 2016. The NOW Mayors’ Network facilitates collaboration designed to support the efforts of municipalities to receive, integrate and care for refugees and especially refugee children as well as to lay emphasis on social cohesion among all residents in the administrated district.


Linking mayors from the MENAT region with mayors from Europe and therefore having the opportunity for mutual exchange of knowledge and experience by taking the different political, economic and social circumstances into consideration.

Aims to:

Foster dialogue and exchange to identify and inspire good practice models. Provide insight into different contexts by organising field exposures to municipalities in different countries. Facilitate measures of advocacy, empowerment and capacity building for mayors and their municipal matters.


Viola Raheb, Researcher, Faculty of Protestant Theology, Chair of the Study of Religions, University of Vienna


George Antoun, Country Director & Regional Programme Advisor, Mercy Corps Lebanon

Project Manager

Uta Zeuge-Buberl, Act.Now


Andreas Babler, Traiskirchen / Austria
Dieter Posch, Neudörfl / Austria
Renate Habetler, Bernstein / Austria
Gari Pavkovic, Stuttgart / Germany
Andreas Bovenschulte, Weyhe / Germany
Tjark Bartels, Hameln-Pyrmont / Germany
Anthony Papadimitriou, Samos / Greece
Emmanouil Vournous, Chios / Greece
Lefteris Papagiannakis, Athens / Greece
Luigi Ammatuna, Pozallo / Italy
Umberto Costantini, Spilamberto / Italy
Maurizio Zavaglia, Gioiosa Ionica / Italy
Isabella Conti, San Lazzaro di Savena / Italy
Hassan Al-Rahibh, Um Al Jimal / Jordan
Ali Gawagzeh, Jerash / Jordan
Ali Mattar, Sahel El Zahrany / Lebanon
Charbel Mattar, Naameh / Lebanon
Merhej Najem, Habbariyeh / Lebanon
Hazbo Mujović, Sjenica / Serbia
Igor Marentič, Postojna / Slovenia
Veronica Andersson, Nyköping / Sweden
Mustafa Tosun, Dikili / Turkey
Mehmet Aktaş, Sultanbeyli / Turkey

Meetings up to now

1 Meeting: 30 – 31 January, 2017 – Vienna / Austria
2 Meeting: 29 – 31 January, 2018 – Vienna / Austria
3 Meeting: 29 June – 2 July, 2018 – Chios / Greece
4 Meeting: 8 – 11 November, 2018 – Hameln-Pyrmont / Germany