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NOW Mayors’

NOW Mayors' Network

The NOW Working Group Mayors facilitates collaboration designed to support the efforts of municipalities to receive, integrate and care for refugees and especially refugee children as well as to lay emphasis on social cohesion among all residents in the administrated district.

NOW Working Group
Children’s Rights

NOW Working Group Children's Rights

The NOW Working Group Children’s Rights is an interdisciplinary and international group of practitioners and experts in the field of human rights with a focus on the rights and wellbeing of children. All its work is based on the firm conviction that every single child is a rights holder regardless of origin, gender, religion and their legal status.

NOW Research Network

NOW Research Network DESC

The NOW Research Network for Diversity, Education and Social Cohesion engages in researching and/or implementing projects addressing the inclusion of “newly arrived students” in countries of transit and refuge, with a focus on the special needs of refugee children and all other deprived children.

NOW Working Group
Exploitation & Human Trafficking

NOW Working Group Exploitation

The NOW Working Group Exploitation aims to tackle the lack of public consciousness and misinformation by raising awareness and supporting stakeholders to prevent exploitation, protect individuals who are at risk to or who have experienced exploitation and prosecute perpetrators.

NOW Working Group
Gender Equality

NOW Working Group Gender Equality

The NOW Working Group Gender Equality aims to promote “Gender Equality beyond Borders”, and to address and prevent harmful practices against both genders.

NOW Working Group
Trauma Surviving

NOW Working Group Trauma Surviving

The NOW Working Group Trauma Surviving concentrates on general problems concerning trauma and trauma surviving, producing psycho-educative booklets to raise awareness for trauma and its symptoms and to encourage concerned youth to get support.